It’s Alaska Time

This is the time of year when Alaska cruises are a hot topic of conversation. Since the Alaska Cruise season is May-September, this is when some of the focus shifts from the Caribbean and Europe to Alaska.  Alaska cruises offer a unique mix of nature, history and culture that can’t be found anywhere else.

A great add-on to an Alaska cruise is the variety of land packages that can be added before and/or after a cruise.  Alaska cruises sailing out of Seattle, Vancouver and Seward offer many options from a night or two, up to extended stays of a week or more.  You can have a luxury city experience all the way to a rugged outdoor camping adventure, and anywhere in between.

I love these cruises since they can be customized for many preferences such as:  hobbies, activity levels, cultural experiences and the nature lovers.  You can focus on wildlife and fishing, photography, hiking, biking, kayaking, flightseeing, and lumberjack adventures.  These cruises are great for families looking for a unique vacation experience that is fun for all ages.

When cruising to Alaska you will get to visit many different cities and ports, but the highlight has to be the glacial fjords.  Places like Glacier Bay National Park or Tracy Arm Fjord gives you the opportunity to see glaciers, snow-capped mountains, along with lakes, rivers and a breathtaking coastline.  For animal lovers, there are sea lions, bald eagles, bears, mountain goats and some of the best places for whale watching opportunities.

Planning an Alaska cruise is the first step to making memories that you will treasure forever.

Amy Windham




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