A Cruise Can Take You There

Another unique way of looking at a cruise vacation is as a method of transportation.  Cruises can be an affordable way to travel to many countries in a short period of time so you can do and see what you want to do on land.

In the last few years cruises in Europe became very popular.  Land-only trips were costly and a cruise would allow you to visit many locations at a good value.  There has also been an increase in specialized excursions for cruises to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico.   These excursions include specialized trips for foodies, motorcycle riders, wine enthusiasts, photographers, bird watchers, history buffs, and the list goes one.  The cruise was just the way to get to a different port or country each day to have a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you have never cruised before, but you have a passion for food, wine, art, nature, history, etc., you might want to consider a cruise to create a unique vacation that allows you to enjoy your favorite thing every day.  Just imagine being able to enjoy farm-to-table meals in 3 or 4 countries in a week.  Or it could be taking pictures of waterfalls on multiple islands.  Maybe it’s meeting with local artists and taking a class and by the end of your cruise your souvenirs will be your own creations.

The options are really endless. It just takes a little imagination (and a good travel agent) to help you plan a vacation custom designed for you.

Amy Windham



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