Travel consumers have a lot of options when deciding where and how to book their travel.  There are online travel agencies (big and small), brick-and-mortar agencies, home-based travel agents, and even credit card companies are offering travel services. It can be hard to see past the TV ads, e-mail advertisements, and social media marketing campaigns to decide where and how to book travel.

One advantage of booking with a travel agent is service.  Many times service gets lost when bookings are made online or through a call center. A customer can become an account number and a line item in a sales summary. With a travel agent you are an individual, with unique needs, plans and preferences.

So, where is the value-add when all prices are equal?  Once again, it’s service. When clients book a trip with me, I create a custom destination guide for their trip.  These guides include info about the location, weather, local transportation, the best beaches, favorite restaurants, the must-see sites, and many other tips.  It’s something that I give as a gift to my clients. Some agencies charge $20-49 for these guides, but I like to send it for free as a bonus for my clients.

I have clients that print out the guides and others save them on a Smartphone so they can look up information at any time.  These guides are one more way that I stand out from the faceless and nameless online agencies.  It’s one more way for me to help my clients plan a great trip they’ll never forget.

Amy Windham



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