A Client Case Study: First Time Cruise Passengers

I received a call from a client that had always booked land vacations with me in the past.  They had never considered a cruise before, but they’ve seen my pictures and have been reading my blogs and newsletters over the years.  One Sunday morning they saw an ad for a cruise that sparked some interest.  Being first time cruisers they had plenty of questions about what to expect for their cruise vacation.  Some of the questions were:

  • What should we pack?
  • What can we wear to dinner?
  • Where happens when we board the ship?
  • What will the weather be in each port?
  • What excursions are available?
  • Will we have internet and Smartphone access at sea?
  • What are the dining options on the ship?
  • Do we need to exchange currency in each port?

As a travel agent, I have access to resources and tools that allowed me to answer their questions in a timely manner.  My personal experience and training also gives me the knowledge to answer many questions that others might have to research.  It saved my clients a lot of time and effort I was able to make sure they knew everything they needed for a great vacation.  For this client, I sent them current ship overviews, info about life onboard and created custom port guides for each stop on their cruise.

This client contacted me a few times while they were on the cruise. It was great to hear from them and what a great time they were having.  We chatted briefly once they got home and now I am looking forward to seeing all of their pictures from their first cruise.

Amy Windham



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