Why I Fell in Love with NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line)

When I first cruised, “Traditional Dining” was king.  Your dining experience was the: same time, same table, same waiters, and the same tablemates.  I enjoyed it, but I had no idea what changes would come years later.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) became a leader in changing the dining (and cruising) experience with Freestyle Cruising. While other lines have implemented their own versions of a Freestyle concept on their ships, NCL has it fleet wide.  Freestyle means you have the freedom to choose your type of vacation. Dress up or not. Eat at 5:30, or how about 9:30? Want to dine alone or with others? That’s ok too.

I have to admit that before I sailed NCL I was a bit skeptical. After my cruise with NCL (on the NCL Dawn to Bermuda), I was hooked.  The ships have a great layout, cabins are spacious, the food is excellent and there were plenty of activities on board. We did what we wanted, when we wanted, even when it meant doing nothing but watching the ocean go by.  I ended up sailing with NCL three times in the last 14 months.

While NCLs style might not be for everyone, it fits me perfectly. Cabins are competitively priced and I’m sure there’s an itinerary, ship and cabin category for almost anyone. NCL provides a great way to cruise with different people with different likes and each person can have their own perfect cruise.

Amy Windham

Cruise Specialist




2 Responses

  1. Good description of Freestyle Cruising! I am hoping to go on my first NCL cruise later this year and discover what it’s about myself. Having said that, I really do enjoy the traditional dinner service on the other lines – there are benefits to it that aren’t available with Freestyle Cruising. (I reserve the right to change my mind later!)

    • @Steve: One thing I have found with Freestyle cruising is that by the second or third night we met a waiter/assistant waiter that we really liked. On the nights after that we would request their table from then on. It worked really well to have the flexibility of time with the advantage of a team that learns what you like to drink, how you like your coffee with dessert, etc. Many passengers don’t realize that they can request a table or make a reservation for a specific time even when you are dining freestyle. It ends up being a nice mix of Freestyle and traditional dining.

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