Cruising: The Ship is Another Destination!

Many years ago cruise ships were merely a way to get you from port to port.  These days, with ships like Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas or NCL’s Epic, the ship itself has become an integral part of the cruising experience.  More and more passengers are staying on board to be able to see and do everything they can on a ship.  From Vegas and Broadway style shows, to rock climbing, surfing and bowling, there are dozens of activities to find at sea.


As a travel agent, I now take as many classes about all of the ships, activities, restaurants, spa treatments, shows and lounges as I do on the ports and excursions off the ships. I now have clients planning to sail on the same ship again because they weren’t able to do and see it all the first time.  When you start to plan your next cruise vacation you should think about where you want to go, but also HOW you will get there.  For me, discovering a new ship and all it has to offer is as much fun as finding the most unique shore excursion.  It’s all a part of the cruise adventure.

Amy Windham



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