The Most Asked Question: Do I Need Travel Insurance?

The simple answer is “yes”!  Life is too uncertain and you never know what can happen.  You might be healthy and never missed a day of work, but can you say the same about your family members?  Would you ever want to have to decide to go on your vacation or to the funeral of a relative?  When I get asked this question I usually ask my client a question right back.  That question is : Can you afford to lose the money you spent on this vacation if you can’t go?  I’ve never had someone answer yes.  Travel insurance protects your financial investment in the trip, but it also protects your time if there is a delay and it protects your luggage and personal items if it is lost or damaged.

There are many insurance policies to choose from and I know it can be hard to decide which one to purchase. I can help you decide based on your specific needs.  Travel insurance isn’t one size fits all, but i can find the perfect fit for you.  Even if you book a trip on your own I can get you coverage for your trip. Just make sure you get a policy.

For more info, check out this article:


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