When to Use a Travel Agent

A lot of people ask me why they should use a travel agent.  This question can be hard to answer since there are many possible answers depending on the situation. In general,  I do think that the first reason is to save time.  Most people think my first answer would be to save a client money.  While that is part of  my goal when working with a client,  my expertise goes far beyond how to find the best deal.  If someone is just shopping for the best price, but they are planning a trip that doesn’t fit their likes or lifestyle an “order taker” will sell the best deal and move on to the next call or e-mail.  I feel that my job is to let my clients know how to plan a trip that not only fits their budget, but also their wants and needs.  It always bothers me when I hear about a bad vacation experience from traveler and my typical first thought is “they should have never been on that trip in the first place.” A professional travel agent can prevent those bad experiences by asking questions, getting to know a client and planning the right trip at the right time for the right price. 

I love what I do. I participate in webinars, seminars and training calls each week to stay on top of the latest news and deals.  Travel pricing changes like the weather, it never stops and things can look cloudy one minute and then there are clear skies the next.  If you are planning a trip and making a decision just on price, do you really know what you are getting? Does the reservation agent on the phone know what they are selling?  Or, if you are buying online is there someone you can actually talk to when you have a question? These are all things you should think about, and when you are ready to plan a trip call a travel professional.

To read more about when to use a travel agent, read this great Fodor’s article.


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